Minimum's unique approach to world-class offsetting

Curating the best projects through deep due diligence

Standard certifications such as Gold Standard, VERRA, & American Carbon Registry are a useful starting point, but they are insufficent to ensure quality. There are numerous examples of these projects falling short. Developed with leading experts, Minimum uses its own criteria to add another layer of assessment to these certifications, effectively eliminating the risk of wasted money and negative PR.

Managing portfolios to align with net-zero goals

Offsetting projects come in lots of shapes and sizes: Renewable energy, reforestation, direct air capture, etc. — and the best approach is to have a mixture of technologies. There are other factors too, such as evolving towards a greater proportion of removal technologies with long-lived storage. We manage everything and align to the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting.

Preparing materials & updates, ready to share with the world

Communicating the good you are doing is an important part of the process, and we work closely with projects to curate regular updates that are great for sharing with your customers.

Our Projects

Minimum Portfolio

A balanced portfolio of offsetting projects across afforestation, bio-oil sequestration, greenhouse gas destruction, and forest protection.
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Ghana, Costa Rica & Argentina
Avoided Emissions with No Need For Storage
Collecting, controlling, and destroying gases that, if otherwise released, would increase global warming and accelerate climate change.
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Charm Industrial

Carbon Removal with long-lived storage
Converts waste biomass into high-carbon fast pyrolysis bio-oil for stable long term storage or for use as fuel.
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Kenya, Uganda
Carbon Removal with Short-lived Storage
Nature-based carbon removal based in Kenya and Uganda, that provides carbon removal offsets by focusing purely on afforestation.
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Kenya & Somalia
Avoided Emissions with long-lived storage
Provide efficient cookstoves to households in order to reduce charcoal usage.
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Kasigau Corridor

Avoided emissions with short-lived storage
This project protects and restores a vital wildlife region of over 500,000 acres that was losing tree cover.
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Solar Power in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Avoided emissions with long-lived storage
Installing solar power in the Caribbean to provide an alternative to fossil fuel driven electricity.
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Wind Power in Turkey

Aiding construction of a wind farm in Izmir, Turkey to stimulate and commercialise its use of renewable energy technologies & markets.
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