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How does it work?

1. assess your emissions

First, we'll need some information from you to understand your emissions

Minimum Office - energy input screen

Easy to follow

Our tool guides you through the process of gathering and inputting the information we’ll need to assess your carbon footprint.

In-depth calculations

We gather data from across your business activities, from employee commutes to cloud computing, and everything inbetween, to ensure that we’ve got an accurate picture of your emissions profile.

Flexible to your data

The more information you can give us, the more precise this assessment is. But don’t worry, though, our tool is flexible and can use whatever information you have to hand.

2. Monitor and Reduce

Continuously monitor your impact and plan your net-zero strategy

Understand your emissions

Minimum Office - Dashboard
Bar chart of a company's CO2e emissions

Plan your net-zero strategy

Use your emission data to help plan your net-zero strategy.

Update and monitor

Update your information any time to track your carbon footprint continuously.

Conveniently categorised

Leverage our insights to find high-impact opportunities for emissions reduction.

3. Go carbon neutral

Neutralise your impact with our cutting-edge carbon removal & reduction projects

Go carbon neutral today

As you use our insights to plan your long-term reduction strategy, you can immediately go carbon neutral with one of our carbon offsetting projects.

Market-leading portfolio of projects

Gain access to cutting-edge carbon projects, leveraging the latest technology in carbon removal and prevention.

Minimum Office - Project Selection screen
4. report to stakeholders

Easily report your impact with our ready-to-use media assets and impact communication materials.

You can share the insights with customers, investors, and other stakeholders to demonstrate your positive climate action.

Phone screen with a company's annual report
Phone screen with an Instagram post about a company's carbon neutrality

And you’re done!

*Well, for now.

Minimum Office works best if you regularly update your information.

Come back again regularly to update your information, assess your progress towards net-zero, and see the impact you’re making on the world through your contributions to carbon projects.

go carbon neutral today

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