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Learn how Minimum provides Systemagic with an affordable sustainability solution that works around their schedule

Systemagic are an IT support company committed to making technology work for people. By putting customers first, Systemagic's small, dedicated team deliver a service that clients, accreditors and awards have recognised as leading in the space. For years, Systemagic's director, James Eade, has been engaged with sustainability, continually looking for ways to take responsibility for Systemagic's environmental impact. However, until now there have been no solutions that make sense for an SME, which is why Systemagic were delighted to find Minimum's lightweight affordable carbon-calculation solution.

As an SME, trying to understand its carbon footprint, Systemagic found that the available solutions were unable to match their demands or resources. At one end of the spectrum, large-scale consultancy projects led by fortune 500 companies offer bespoke, granular solutions. Naturally, projects like these are unaffordable for smaller businesses, and demand access to time and data that they don't have. On the other end, free online calculation tools provide a quick and dirty measure of emissions, to a level of detail insufficient for businesses to satisfy regulatory compliance or properly engage with ESG. For years, Systemagic were unable to find any solution that fell in a sensible middle ground between these two extremes.

Minimum's solution delivers for SMEs in three core ways: it's flexible on data collection, low-burden, and affordable. Firstly, our carbon-calculation questionnaire has built in flexibility, meaning that if businesses can't gather specific data, we can use benchmarking methods or proxies to fill in the gaps without compromising on accuracy. For example, if companies don't have access to energy meter readings, we can calculate their office emissions using the sq. footage of their building or even just the number of desks. Secondly, to get an accurate and detailed breakdown of your carbon footprint, it only takes filling out a 15-20 minute questionnaire and any member of your team will be able answer. Finally, our product is affordably priced, as part of our commitment to making it as easy as possible for businesses to start their journey to Net Zero.