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See how OneCoWork uses Minimum to provide carbon neutral co-working spaces, as well as supporting each of their tenants to achieve Net Zero

See how OneCoWork uses Minimum to provide carbon neutral co-working spaces, as well as supporting each of their tenants to achieve Net Zero

OneCoWork have one mission: to create spaces that put the joy back in work. Starting in Barcelona, they are are cultivating a collection of innovative and inspiring coworking communities across the city. They know how important having a great workspace can be when it comes to attracting great talent. They also know that employees want to work in an environment that not only caters to their everyday needs, but also reflects and embodies their values and beliefs. That's why OneCoWork uses Minimum to measure, monitor and neutralise the environmental impact of all their coworking spaces, and license Minimum to their clients to support each of them to achieve Net Zero.

The first step in OneCoWork's journey to Net Zero, was to use our quick and easy self-service tool to get a high-level picture of their footprint. Minimum's platform provided a complete breakdown of OneCoWork's emissions, split across their different locations and business operations. Already market leaders in the sustainability space, OneCoWork were able to measure and quantify the exact positive impact of their sustainability efforts, such as using green energy tariffs and energy efficient buildings.

However, some emissions are unavoidable, generated by everything from supplying food and drinks to their workspace kitchens to installing software on their computer systems. To account for this OneCoWork used Minimum to go carbon neutral, offsetting with a balanced portfolio of best-in-class carbon removal and prevention projects. Our portfolio is constructed in-line with the Oxford Principles and contains only the most highly certified projects, so OneCoWork has complete assurance that their offsets have long-lasting, positive impact.

Even though OneCoWork's coworking spaces were now fully carbon neutral, they felt they could do more for their community of workers. So they licensed the Minimum tool to all the companies working in their buildings as a Sustainability perk, so each company can measure, monitor and take control of their own carbon footprint. OneCoWork have used minimum to create a community of environmentally conscious companies who can rely data not sentiment to inform their sustainability strategy. As the modern world becomes more climate consciousness, climate conscious companies like OneCoWork and those in their coworking community set themselves apart as a destination for young talent.

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