About Minimum

the problem

The time has come for all businesses to act on sustainability, but it's difficult to achieve.

Well, arguably, that time already came a long while ago! While there's both a huge commercial opportunity and an absolute moral imperative for businesses to demonstrate strong sustainability commitments, taking effective action can be very difficult. If companies wanted to integrate sustainability into their business they'd need to overcome significant hurdles.

The hurdles to effective climate action are numerous:

Hurdle #1

Have a deep expertise in calculating emissions (or pay a lot of money to pay consultants to do it for them)

Hurdle #2

Source, assess and negotiate terms with offsetting projects (which can be a minefield!)

Hurdle #3

Build out a tech system to enable automatic emission calculation & offsetting fulfilment (or have someone do it by hand...)

Hurdle #4

Build a tool to track, report and communicate their impact effectively.

Minimum takes that entire process and streamlines it into an accessible SaaS solution that can be embedded directly into your business, making sustainability a natural and seamless part of your operations!

our solution

Introducing Minimum

Minimum’s platform allows businesses to understand their carbon impact and become carbon neutral by connecting them to market-leading carbon projects. We've specifically designed our service to be super accessible to use, providing both an API and no-code solution:

Minimum's API

Our API allows businesses to actually embed carbon offsetting optionality directly into their customer journeys, making each sale carbon neutral by default with a single API call.

Minimum's no-code tool

Our no-code tool allows businesses to manually select the activities they'd like to offset ( e.g. product deliveries, employee travel, office heating etc.) and they can be automatically neutralised through any of our cutting edge carbon projects.

The Founders

co-founder & coo

Freddie Green

The Scientist
London, UK

Freddie Green leads our Science & Data team. Prior to Minimum, Freddie worked as an operations consultant at Newton where he specialised in using data to drive value for clients across industries. Freddie has a first-class Masters degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in Climate Science.

co-founder & cEo

Freddie Evans

The Strategist
London, UK

Freddie Evans leads our Business Development team. Prior to Minimum, Freddie worked in Venture Capital at Augmentum. Before that, Freddie was a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in eCommerce for Retail, and at BCG Digital Ventures, focusing on sustainability projects.

Co-founder, CPO / CTO

Chris Winchurch

The Architect
London, UK

Chris Winchurch leads our Product & Engineering team. Prior to Minimum, Chris was a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specialising in data-heavy Consumer projects. Chris has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, and dropped out of a Harvard MBA to co-found Minimum.

The Team

Morgan Owen
The Scripter
Milton Keynes, UK

Morgan has always liked taking things apart to see how they worked and after getting his masters in engineering he can sometimes even put them back together again! Whether its apps, games, electronics; he can be found constantly creating and exploring new ideas and getting a bit too excited about Javascript.

Boni Đukić
The Constructor
Zagreb, Croatia

Before joining Minimum, Boni already had 10 years of Backend Development experience under his belt. And if that isn’t impressive enough, he also happens to have a Master’s degree in Physics!

Yoel Martherus
The Creator
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Though intially entering the job market as a graphic designer over 10 years ago, Yoel’s creative interests ultimately drove him to pursue more: Branding, UX Design, illustration, coding, copywriting… you name it.

We're hiring!

Senior Carbon Consultant
Full time
London, UK

Wanna help creating the most effective tools for a business to calculate and manage their carbon footprint?

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Full time
London, UK

Be an invaluable thought partner to the CTO and aid in designing Minimum's overall technical vision and strategy.

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Full time
London, UK

Be at the forefront of shaping how businesses think about how we can use tech to integrate sustainability.

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